Wedding Venue

Choosing Your Venue

The perfect venue makes the day complete

Choosing the perfect location for your wedding day can be overwhelming. Do you want indoor or outdoor? These days you can get married almost anywhere such as a restaurant, historic site, on family land or garden, sports halls, beside a waterfall or lakeside, the list is endless. Deciding on your location, site or venue there are many pros and cons to consider and it is important to weigh up the elements and logistics of your choice. If you decide on an outdoor scenic location then there are some things you may want to consider:

What protection can you provide in case the weather isn't great?
High winds or rain might put a dampener on your day. Do you have a plan B?

Will your guests be able to hear over gushing waterfalls?
Do you need to advise guests to bring rain gear from the spray or advise on footwear?

If its a beach wedding, will the tide and time be a factor to your event?
The last thing you want is to miss the water or worse yet, swamp your guests with incoming waves.

Do you need permission from the Local Authority or OPW?
Places like the Botanical Gardens don't allow any gatherings of this kind. Check who looks after the location and if permission is needed to enter. Consider access issues for older persons, disability access, rocky beaches might pose a hazard for all including children. Check what else is on that day. Are you sharing your location with a festival or other weddings at the same time? Best to check in advance so you don't lose your guests to another event or have everyone late due to traffic restrictions.

One thing is for sure you should visit in person in daylight before you book to get a real feel of the place whether that's outdoor or indoor.

If you are looking for inspiration on where to get married, then I can assist with many scenic places, romantic and unusual venues in Kildare, Dublin, Wicklow, Carlow and further a field Nationally and Internationally. If you fancy an Irish wedding but want the weather that can be found abroad, I can put you in touch with agencies that specialise in Irish weddings abroad.

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